Beverly M. Collins – Love Starts With You

Beverly M. Collins

I can get straight to the point
In a heart-to-heart that is not
much of a leap.

I can’t put up a front about how strongly
I have my own back when I’m beside
myself with worry or caught up in being
weighted down by heavy challenge.

I look no further than my own skin
For my rock, a favorite confidant and
My best friend.

It’s the person that stares back at me from
a reflection in the mirror. My brown eyes show
forgiveness and trust that I can swim my
way to shore every time.

When the kind tone, supportive intentions and
voice-of-reason is all mine.


Beverly M. Collins is the Author of the books, Quiet Observations: Diary thought, Whimsy and Rhyme and Mud in Magic. Her works have also appeared in California Quarterly, Poetry Speaks! A year of Great Poems and Poets, The Hidden and the Divine Female Voices in Ireland, The Journal of Modern Poetry, Spectrum, The Altadena Poetry Review, Lummox, The Galway Review (Ireland), Verse of Silence (New Delhi), Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine (London), Scarlet Leaf Review (Canada), The Wild Word magazine (Berlin), Indigomania (Australia) and many others.

Winner of a 2019 Naji Naaman Literary Prize in Creativity (from Lebanon). Collins is also a prize winner for the California State Poetry Society who has been twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, once for Independent Best American Poetry and “short listed” for the 2018 Pangolin Review Poetry Prize (Mauritius).

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