Okpeta, Gideon Iching – Love Starts With You

The middle of Nowhere.

When we run through green
flowered field
we left cares behind us.
The live we leave ascend as a
continual sigh
as we pretend,pretend,and
deny,deny our errs.
I am sad for a wasted attention
of the eyes,
the gold labour of the hands
without a kneaded dough for a
dozen of loaves.
I am sad for all the embraces
void of you,
why shy away when the race
of austerity is almost complete;
when it is almost going to sleep?
At times I wonder whether you
are arting a rehearsed script
or directing a season of ‘’Ogbange‘’
You get me on a moving train
eachtime I flip the page of our
good memory
yet the same knock down my
warm fuzzies.
I am sad for all the weak spots
left to be weak.
I know if it were a nightmare,
I wouldn’t
have slept in somnolence
watching my hope straggled
to dead.
I am sad for being sad;
sad for the cruel truth that was
told in whisper.
I am sad for knowing i’m not
the best,
not even among your best
but I pray that someday, I may
stand in the postion to help,
save and protect you with the
best strength i have got.

Little about the Author:

Okpeta, Gideon Iching is a emerging poet,essayist and a
technologist.He lives in Nigeria.
He’s currently a student at Akanu ibiam Federal Polytechnic,
Unwana Ebonyi State Nigeria,Where he is pursuing his
undergraduate diploma (hnd) in Electrical/Electronics engr. Tech. He
possesses great writing prowess on contemporary issues affecting the
culture of christian society,ethics and morality; which he learned by intuition and research.
Most of his poems appear at poem hunter online publishing website. Some of his poems have been accepted and awaiting publication at different journals, and magazines, and online blogs including Pondersavant.com and others.

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