Love Starts With You

Welcome to February, dear Ponderbots! We have entered the season of love.

This new series is focusing on loving and caring for one’s self. Love is a magical thing, and loving others is some of the greatest magic of all. However, if we don’t put the oxygen mask on first how can we truly give to others? We must first fill ourselves to be able to have something to give to someone else, and I think it’s important to remind ourselves of this.

Love for ourselves can have numerous possibilities. It can be the times we allow ourselves to rest. Or standing up for ourselves to make sure we are being treated with respect. Or it can even be validating our own emotions, allowing it to be felt. There is so much love and self care we can give to ourselves and feel fulfilled whether we are in a relationship or not. Either way, love starts with you.

These upcoming artists have created tender and starry-eyed work for you to view. So, stay tuned for inspiration!

-Mia Savant

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