Linda Ferguson – Ponder Away

The Art of Being    

I want to hum along the faded corridors and slip into

the diva’s dressing room, to flick my wings inside

her kimono’s silken sleeves,

I want to leave my tiny footprints in her spilled face powder

and wear her silver eye shadow like a pair of iridescent shoes –

I want to get a glimpse of my flash and glimmer in her bright mirror

then buzz through the shifting heat of the auditorium,

to circle zip dash dive the sweet sticky hairdos

of the ladies in their capes and pearls –

I want to land on the smooth black knee of the flutist

then soar to the tip of the conductor’s baton,

where together we stir the air, gathering a basilica

of notes then releasing them to mingle and pulse –

I want to burrow in the thick folds of the velvet curtains

and skim through the dust suspended in a beam of light

as I shape the perfect curves of figure eights

to the beat of the applause rising from the theater seats

my belief this is the way things are for everybody:

art and motion, ecstasy, ovation, encore!


Linda Ferguson

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