Okpeta, Gideon Iching – Ponder Away

Sometimes i hurt.

Sometimes i hurt
Sometime -thank God, not always.
Infact, looking back over my life,
i must acknowledge that He has presented
me with far more joy -filled days
than sad ones.
And yet i find myself deeply grateful
for the difficult, sorrow-drenched days,
perhaps even more than for the
easy happy days.
For difficult days have enriched my
spirit so much that i find myself singing
with the hymn writer, 
Adelaide Anne procter:
” I thank your, Lord that all my joy
is touched with pain.
That shadows fall on brighest hours 
than thorns remain,
so that earth’s bliss may be my guide
and not my chain”.
I have much to learn as a child
the most difficult, perhaps, is to learn
how to regard tragedies that beset in
as capable of enhancing my life.
I desperately need the wisdom of Solomon
the forbearance of Job to accept
the painful happenings with
graciousness, even with joy.
For i know that whatever they may be,
God can transform them from uglyliness
into beauty.My key is genuine faith in a loving God,a faith that frees and strengthens meto ensure whatever may come my way.
Each time i am down, i repeat the
words of shakespeare as comfort to walk with:
“He is the most wretched of people 
who has never felt adversity.
Sweet are the uses of adversity,
which, like the toad, ugly and venomous wears,
Yet a precious jewel in his head”
Help me that when odd events of life
knock at the door of my heart,
i would respond to them.
I would take the events of my life as 
good and perfect gifts from you
I would receive even the sorrows of
life as disguised gifts from you. 


Okpeta, Gideon Iching is an emerging poet, essayist and a
technologist. He lives in Nigeria.
He’s currently a student at Akanu ibiam Federal Polytechnic,
Unwana Ebonyi State Nigeria,Where he is pursuing his
undergraduate diploma (hnd) in Electrical/Electronics engr. Tech. He
possesses great writing prowess on contemporary issues affecting the
culture of christian society, ethics and morality; which he learned by intuition and research. Most of his poem appear at poem hunter online publishing website.

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