Richard Wells – LTNC Series

Hungry Water

Strolling past

like Christ on a Crutch

Everything he owns

cloaking his battered-ness

or in a shopping cart

Contact or greeting

a baited hook in

hungry water

Reverse fishing

make the cast

become the catch

No current strong enough

to allay, “can you spare…”

I can and do

with smile and eyes

and see:

black white brown

native asian

he she they

all of us

in the stark reality

of the world

that none of us

are free.

Artist and About the Piece:

Richard Wells: “I consider myself a poet/journalist reporting from the streets and the universe between my ears.  I live part time in Seattle, WA, the other part in Guanajuato, Mexico.  Recently I wrote and produced a 50 minute work with 5 readers, 2 of them musicians, that explored intersections of the environmental catastrophe and immigration.  The name of the work was:  Sideways Through Zion:  Field Notes.  This is a short piece from that performance.”

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