Existential Ponders – Ikechukwu Obiorah


Upon a bed of death, the pie in my sky saw the Kingdom of Lion;

The Throne of that King that began before the beginning began;

That King seeming to be as old as man, but older than man;

That King of kings that before the base of this world made

His buttucks comfortable on the Throne of the Dynasty of Love,

Resurrecting my dead emotions murdered in the cold night.

As I looked down over the land from atop the Royal Throne,

And saw that life marks the eternal journey to the grave where

All feet must lie down and rest without bargain-basement,

The silence of my soul haunted me like the ghost of Abacha,

Spinning and whirling my brain like hell of damnation.

Within my optics range of view behind-the-scenes driver in

The vegetable sceptre, Truth was the only Crown with the jar of

Grace supplying life to the mother of all messes in the third planet

That the big mouth of  man-abominator called earth mother.

In contempt of  the cultivated beauty of the Symmetry of Fact,

The world still paved way for hyperbolical aspersions wearing the

Robes of Truth in caricatural tendencies of gloom and doom,

The world is dead on the inside without acknowledging

The King of Truth sitting on the Throne of affection,

Massaging morality into erection in the bed of coals.


Ikechukwu Obiorah is a Nigerian Writer, a Prolific Poet and Novelist. He studies B.A (Hons) English at the Benue State University, Makurdi. He is a member of Writers’ League (BSUM) and also a member of Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA Benue Chapter). His poem “The Oracle Bard” has been published in “Poetica” Clarendon House Publications, England, UK. For a decade Poetry has been his sweet heart.

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