8:29pm by HanaLena Fennel – Love Thy Neighboring Country Series

8:29 pm

This is a howling moment


held silent

echo in a ribcage scaffolding

degrigated to a flaccid gasping

Self god, could I

have the breakwaters 

the tide and flesh

the empty space 

of self worship

Self god, could I

have the barking

of a low slung belly

gravid and sweet nectar

ripe fruit splitting

Could I have the letting go?

The flood and fire? 

The Self, G-d?

The more than self?

About the Art & Artist:

HanaLena Fennel is a Jewish-Hawaiian American poet. She has writtten a book, Letters to the Leader, published by Moon Tide in response to the numerous executive orders issued during Trump’s term in office. 

Come See This Artist Live:

HanaLena is co-hosting the Resistance Reading Fundraiser for RAICES tonight! Follow this link for details:


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