Love Thy Neighboring Country Series

This series is an expression of love for people from every country. It is from the hearts and minds of artist to show the good in the world through their personal mediums.

This series is also a peaceful protest against the inhumane treatment of immigrants and refugees here in the U.S. It is asking that every person, no matter their race, be treated with respect, that children not be torn from their families, that no more people die from our negligent care.

This is not a cry to take side with a political party. It’s a cry that no matter your party, you use your voice to protect basic human rights for every person.

This is not a call to a religion. It’s a cry that no matter your religion, to call upon the part of your belief that reaches out to the poor and the suffering. To not let fear stop you from showing love and compassion to these families.

People are people no matter who we are or where we go. We are full of emotions, of traditions, of expectations. We want to be safe and provide a good life for our kids. Overall, we are all just looking to be loved and know that we belong. No race is free from the human condition, and the more we share with each other, the more we can find the peace and joy in how similar we are.

We get to choose what we will send into the world. We can choose to send fear, or hatred, or lack of care to those in need, or we can choose to send them love and acceptance. Join me in celebrating diversity and choosing to find more ways to love our neighboring countries.

If you would like to participate in this series, please email for submission guidelines.

Why Must We Love?

by Mia Savant

Why must we share?
Because it never belonged to us in the first place
No matter how sweetly we paint history
It never changes what was stolen

Because we did not choose our origin
Yet we don’t appreciate what we have
When we are too caught up with fear of loss

Why must we love?
Because building a palace means nothing if it cannot be shared

Because greatness comes not from wealth but from hearts
And hearts don’t operate with coins
And hearts don’t thrive on other people’s suffering
And hearts don’t bleed because of skin color or origin
They bleed from the tears of children
From the wailings of injustice
From the emptiness of a human being treated like a disease
A disease that must be vanquished from our premises and sent back to the jungle where it can infect the land that we don’t care about because we can’t see it

Why must we love?
Why must we love?
Because they are us
and we are them
What we do to them
We do to ourselves

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