The Art of Depression: Andrew Wetmore


Andrew Wetmore is a poet from Anaheim. He is the lead singer and writer in The Gold Harvest and owner of Subphonic Press, maker of fine DIY chapbooks and zines. His poetry has appeared in The Los Angeles Press, Crooked Teeth Lit, City Brink, The Insomniac Propagandist, and many others. 

About the Piece:

These poems are from a series he wrote called The Building of Saints. After he moved here he spent a lot of time driving around going to job interviews. Often in his spare time found himself sitting in his car in front of all these funky apartment complexes which he used for poem names (he is originally from Chicago so the large complexes are very new to him) and wrote using the numbers for the addresses as his word count per line in the stanzas.

Follow His Work:

Instagram: @thegoldharvest and @subphonic_press

Pine Meadows

Maybe night may

shape faces. Blush on ivy leaves, brush the solicitor’s

cheeks. Split ends


yellow pylons cracked

vertically. Through the neighbor’s walls, washing children down the

sink. I have


affection for those

left to ruin. The water’s post baptism, still. Washing

children down the


Meridian Gardens

Sunday televised sports

salt on your tongue



on another’s idea,

double checking their facts.



been subtly angry

stranded amid overstuffed cushions.



gravity and sleep,

dust settles over the



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