The Art of Depression: JC Pompey


JC Pompey – the Night Owl Fullerton Poetry Host. He is 22 and started writing poetry in 2016. He explored poetry to help him write music lyrics. Since then, poetry has been his focus and he’s been able to complete over 40 pieces.

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Attend the Night Owl in Fullerton, CA, 9pm on the last Sunday night of every month


Follow him on Instagram: @blackbird.writings

PARESTHESIA [The feeling of Pins & Needles in your hands and feet due to Anxiety]

The thoughts of my mind descend into anarchy. 

Into black space. 

Floating in the cold darkness, 

obsessing the moon,

I am weightless, 

and the stars beacon my eyes with heavy sorrow. 

I fall through the dead expanse of night.

 The sun has worn out my vessel and my sweat freezes under the isolation. 
It’s a black hole…

I am lost in space. 
The needles in my hands numb my mind,

the fire within my eyes bleed into tears, 

and the touch of your skin sends snakes up my spine. 

Please, let these needles pierce my heart. 

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