The Art of Depression: Danni Blackman


Danni Blackman is an artist from Orange County

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Instagram: @danniwhitewoman

“Too Much Sunshine” by Danni Blackman 

“..And how does that make you feel?” He asks as he clicks his pen. 

My head in a daze, wondering why I’m still here.

My mind as quiet as the room I’m surrounded by. 

He scribbles my life as I drift to the night that came before the pen and the clipboard. 

As he scribbles, I think of the cuts that dripped like ink, and how now they seem so shallow. 

As he scribbles I’m here feeling softer, feel myself turn into a puddle of ink. 

I’ve been in this room too long to escape it.

He scribbles my life away while I wonder, “How will I make it in the real world?”

His pen oozes as I drown in the puddle.

I feel more at home in the casted shadows from the stained glass lamp than his words of validation. 

“I can see why you’d feel that way” or “Let’s make a plan to get you there.” 

Three ink-stained months and his pen is running out of liquid.

Like blisters that form from too much sunshine, I am overexposed to the bright lights of recovery. 

“Will I make it in the real world?” I wonder as our session comes to an end.

My feet drag on the floor as I thank him for his time.

I close the white door behind me, exhale a deep sigh, his pen leaving my consciousness, but stained in my being – I think of the pieces I unraveled – My family’s past – As I reach for the keys to my car to drive to school.

“Until next week,” I mutter. 

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