The Art of Depression: anonYmous

Our first artist for The Art of Depression: A Mini-Series!

Please take moment to read this marvelous poem:

HIS BLUES by anonYmous

Together they all are

Wandering through this place

She looks around and can’t meet

The eyes of those empty faces

Dread swallows her whole
What are they thinking 

Why does she care

Looking down 

She can’t bare the stares 
A mirage of confidence 

She pushes on

Her heart is crying now

She thought she was strong 
Those stares looming over her

The weight is too much 

How is she going to survive this

She can’t look up
Then a pair of blues 

Sparkling with love 

Wraps her whole 

Filling all the cracks 
Not alone

Not ever

He is always there 

Holding her together 

Her One

Her Forever 

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