Black – by Karly Robinson

June is here! We are halfway through the year and it feels like we are just getting started. To recharge yourself for the last half of the year, come explore some art.

Today we have a particularly sultry and spicy poem, and I am loving it!

Read this, by Karly Robinson:

BLACK – by Karly Robinson

More seductive than the spread of her legs is the tilt of the bottle

Better have a sip before you taste her lips

Her tongue wets your mouth with curls of sweetness

You crave The Bitter.

The Bite.

The Weakness.

Inside of yourself

Her shape is around you, inside you

In clear view

Her body an avenue leading you home

That hourglass, secret stash

Detour to happiness

Lover of loneliness

Arches her back

Her eyes search the soul of you

Craving the whole of you

Hating the hole in you

Calling it black

Liquify dreams from clouds to rain

Stifle the pain as they slide down the drain

Drink it in, and spit it out

Throw it up

There is no drought

In you

Just an endless quenching

A soulless encounter

A loveless affair

Thank god that you found her

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