The Real Poets of OC – Fueling the Art of Words in Orange County, CA

A Mission for Poetry

I was on a mission. A mission to find an open mic poetry event in Orange County, CA. I went to Google, a usually reliable source of information, expecting to get a flood of events that I could greedily pick a handful of options from. To my surprise, this was not the case. Google had failed me?! How was it that I could find plenty in surrounding counties, but not in my own?

                After continued search, I thought I had finally tracked down what I was looking for. I skimmed through a page that had a list of local open mic poetry events that conveniently marked the venues and the days. My hopes ran high, but once again were dashed into disappointment. The list had been written 6 years ago, and sadly, most on this list had either shutdown or had stopped the events.

                “Someone should really create a place to find information on poetry events in the area!” I thought to myself. Very shortly after this thought, I just so happened to come across a group of poets called The Real Poets of OC. Lo and behold, they were already creating exactly what I was thinking.

               The Real Poets of OC not only have a fabulous name and write inspiring poetry, but they are inviting and genuine individuals. Their work is full of passion and they are on a mission to build up the art of poetry in their community.

                If your Google search has come up short like mine did, or if you have never thought about a poetry community and I’ve now piqued your interest, go check out The Real Poets of OC. When you follow their sites, you won’t miss anything and everything poetry in the OC!

The Real Poets of OC Backstory

In February of this year, a few local OC poets got together to discuss how to nurture the poetry culture in OC to create a platform of appreciation for this art, as well as help the artists themselves develop. From this The Real Poets of OC was born. Our goal is to help poets and non-poets alike discover all things poetry in OC, and establish programs and events that will also enable poets to grow. Whether it’s submissions workshops or readings or other related opportunities, we want to make this poetic comeback become long term.

Where to Find Them

               Don’t wait! Go follow The Real Poets of OC



You are able to contact them at:

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