A Month of Poets – Heather D. Pease

            Allow me to introduce to you the 2nd featured poet this month, Heather D. Pease!

I have had the pleasure of hearing her work performed and I have thoroughly enjoyed every piece. Her style is smooth and soothing, yet full of spark and intrigue. I hope you take delight in her work as much as I do!

A Little About Heather:

Heather D. Pease is a poet, writer, and artist. Her writing has been described as witty, introspective, topical, and breathtaking. She’s performed all over Southern California. She’s an advocate for vulnerable people, an activist for change. She lives in Orange County, CA with her husband, and two daughters and is currently working on her first book of poems. 

To see more of her work, checkout her websites:

Website –  www.poeticgirl.com

Instagram – @ohpoetic1

Facebook – @heatherpeasepoetry

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Please enjoy, Heather D. Pease:


By Heather D. Pease

Your kiss

struck me

waves encasing

opening desire

deeply hidden

within my soul.

Your kiss

lingered there

shadow whisper

bordering    adultery.

Passionate idea


to safety.

Your kiss

left me



Hesitant desire




of more.

Your kiss

a memory





My    lips


with impression.

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