A Month of Poets – James Pompey

Our first featured poet this month is James Pompey!

                His poem today I found very thought provoking. It takes a creative look at the inner turmoil of not feeling noticed. What I thought about while reading it was the idea that we never really know how someone else is feeling. We pass by so many people throughout our day, and the most common assumption is that they are all happy. Feeling invisible is so prevalent in our existence, and yet verbalized so little in our daily lives. James took an intriguing imagery to express this emotion.

A Little About James:

James is 22 and started writing poetry in 2016. He explored poetry to help him write music lyrics. Since then, poetry has been his focus and he’s been able to complete over 40 pieces.

If you would like to hear more of his work, or read some work of your own, James hosts an open mic poetry at the Night Owl in Fullerton, CA, 9pm on the last Sunday night of every month. Go check it out!

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Please enjoy, James Pompey:

Maybe I’ll Set Myself on Fire 
by James Pompey

I’ve thought about setting myself on fire.

Feeling warmth from the flame,

like a hug from a friend.

I can go outside without a jacket,

and my body will never go cold.

Someone will say, “you’re on fire!”

and I’ll say, “I know.”

And that would be the first time someone acknowledged me.

Concerned for my welfare,

like someone who says, “I’m here for you.”

I’ve thought about setting myself on fire

and jumping out the window.

Crowds will look on in disbelief and wonder.

May even take pictures of me.

And people would finally see me.

Wide eyed and captivated,

like someone who looks at you like no one else.

If I strike this match, maybe that’ll be enough.

But when the flame is extinguished it’s never enough.

I’ve thought about setting myself on fire,

what else is there to burn?

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