A Bad Day – by Mia Savant

A Bad Day

By Mia Savant

It was a bad day.

Not terrible

Not the worst

Just absent of good.

Terrible would be better.

At least with terrible

You give yourself permission to be sad.

You let your body moan in the agony

Free to let the tears roll

You bathe in the emotions.

Bad days you know it’s ok

But you can’t enjoy that fact.

You know this moment will pass

But that’s not the point.

There’s nothing to even talk about –

A mediocre emptiness.

Mediocrity dries up the soul.

Guilt washes over your mind

For such a petty complaint.

Logic persuades the absurdity

To long for pain to feel better?

But It’s not a longing for pain

Rather, pain can be felt

Which would be better

Than an empty moment.

A bad day is simply a day

Where you misplaced the feeling

Of being alive.

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