Gravel Road by Karly Robinson

If you liked last week’s poem by Karly Robinson, you are in luck!

Get lost in the imagery as you soak up this poem that is sure to enthrall:


Gravel Road

By Karly Robinson


I hear tears in her voice

Years of this choice

Walking down gravel roads

Each stone upturned is a lesson learned

Then forgotten as if long ago


Sun lights upon the pavement

Making a statement

She turns her face to the glare

Heat softens the tar exposes the scars

Relinquishing tightly held prayers


Bliss is her companion

Her sweetest ignorance

Dreams are her indulgence

Reality at its best


Truth is in her eyes

She never looks too long

A moment in her gaze

Is a moment quickly gone


Too much guilt

Too much hurt

Too much shame

Too much love

Gritty ground up love

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