Paper Dream by Karly Robinson

Today’s poem is written by the beautiful person inside and out, Karly Robinson!

Karly was born and raised in Alaska and has spent her life participating in a plethora of creative activities. She exceled in gymnastics and dance, and never failed to bring a beaming smile to every performance. I personally had the pleasure of singing with her in the choir when we were children. I got to watch her develop into an incredible solo vocalist as well.

This determined woman has used her energetic optimism to bring joy to all those around her. With beauty and grace, she even spread her excitement for life in Germany where she worked as an Au Pair for some time. While there, she challenged herself by learning to speak German and built a whole new community around herself. She learned from new acquaintances, made new friends, and some friends that became like family. Her cultural experience only enhanced her love for people and her ability to be accepting of everyone no matter their differences.

Currently, Karly works as a gymnastics coach in Alaska where she not only continues her passion for the art, but also sets a great role model for the children she teaches.

Her busy schedule, however, does not stop her from other creative expressions. Drawing from personal experiences, she uses writing to express some of the struggles in her life. Her writing is full of depth and heartfelt emotion.

Please enjoy this captivating poem by Karly Robinson:

Paper Dream

By Karly Robinson


The further the space, the more I create you

Inside my mind with fancy words

Stretched too far across the page

Taking too long to bounce back

Like me

I’m not up to the expectation

Like you.

Always we said

And always you did

And I was always falling…

Away from you; Short; Too far to come back.

Paper you is soft to my touch

and warm to my taste

Like a breath of sunshine

inside my lungs and around my heart

The ink is fading but I memorized every word

I can still touch you and write you and know you

Inside my paper dream

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