Poems by Anna O’Loughlin

I am so excited to share with you a tasty treat from my good friend, Anna O’Loughlin! Anna has many artistic skills, but today I get the pleasure of sharing some of her beautiful poetry.

Anna has used her skills to propel her into an admirable career of teaching. She has taught countless dance and piano classes, but currently she works in Korea as an English teacher. She developed such a love for the Korean culture and the people there can’t help but love her right back. The children she teaches, who endearingly refer to her as, “Anna Teacher,” get a chance to experience the fun and creative way that she sees the world. She combines  structured self-discipline with laughter and creative expression, which is nothing short of impressive.

During our childhood, Anna and I would both practice and perform music together. What a joy it was to learn music and experiment with her. Oh, the hours we would spend in front of a piano, singing and sharing each other’s work. Over the years, as life has put us in different parts of the world, our jam sessions haven’t been as frequent as I would prefer, but every opportunity that comes up is still just as thrilling.

Without further ado, I will leave you to enjoy the work of one amazing individual:




Bones and Rust

By Anna O’Loughlin


We’re all just bones and rust

Trying to fall in love

Holding bloody hearts in our hands

Wondering if anyone understands

How it feels to be one of a kind

Just like everyone else

It makes us lose our minds

We’re just bones and rust

Bones and rust


Let’s watch each other with questioning eyes

Let’s pick a lover to let inside

Let’s cling together like it’s enough

As we go from dust to dust

We’re all just bones and rust

Bones and rust


We know where we’re going

Trudging to our graves

Wondering what the point of living is anyways

Let’s ask those questions and turn our heads

When the answers aren’t what we expect

Let’s try to follow what is true

Let’s give up when we find out that it’s

Too hard

Too far

Let’s lose heart and let go of love


We’re just bones and rust

Going from dust to dust

We’re just bones and rust

Bones and rust




Wild Boy

By Anna O’Loughlin


I saw him once

That Wild Boy

Staring back at me through the glass

Caught like a moment in time

Wide eyed and ready to run

I blinked and he was gone


I think about him now and then

That Wild Boy

Is he searching for someone?

Someone who isn’t afraid to see him through the glass

And keeps coming back


His smile is crooked and a little bit wicked

Not beautiful, no, but still

There’s something true in his gaze

It makes me question what I know

It makes me hesitate


Will he come back for me?

I want to see those eyes

Make that crooked smile grow wide

Put my hands up to the glass and hold him fast

I want to see what happens when I let a Wild Boy inside

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