Ode To a Sleeping Child

I see you sleeping
Precious child that you are
Your existence is beauty
You are a shining star

Oh how I wish you had a button
Or a switch or level nobs
Just a couple of gauges
For all the starts and stops

Don’t you see oh precious
You are the gift of gifts
It’s not that I want to control you
Mommy just needs a couple shifts

I want to smile warmly
At all that you say to me
Not the desire to poke out my eye
From the thousandth interrupting

I want my shining eyes
To glisten with warmth and admiration
Not rage while I ask again
To get your shoes on with desperation

I want to take joy in time
Unconcerned by the mess all around
Not be moaning in agony
As I step on that LEGO on the ground

I want to skip with you
Sing and laugh hand in hand
Please blessed child, please
Don’t ask for that same Disney song again

I want you to be free
Just not so loud sometimes
Or so high, baby dearest
Cuz mommy’s going to lose her mind

I try to cherish these times
As one day you will be an adult
But it’s so hard not to take
Your lack of sleep as a personal insult

Don’t get me wrong
I’ll give my life for you, I will
But i need some sanity
Just a slight measure of control

I see you sleeping
Precious child that you are
Wait, don’t wake up!
Mommy needs more time to prepare!

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