Should You Share Your Amateur Creativity?

To those who are struggling with whether or not you should share your amateur creativity, I am here to tell you, the answer is yes.

“There are so many other people better than me,” or “I’m not a professional or anything,” or “I’m not very good, I just do it for fun.”

These statements sound humble and modest, but if you were to be completely honest, isn’t it fear? Creative expression requires you to pull from the unique part of yourself that is not quite like someone else. Knowing this, if your creativity were to be rejected it would seem that people would be rejecting your individuality. And what could be more devastating than that? These are natural fears.

I would like to pose a challenging question to these thoughts and fears:

So what?

So what if other people are better than you?

So what if you aren’t a professional?

So what if people reject your individuality?

If someone doesn’t like it, then it wasn’t for them

As painful as it may be to hear people criticize or critique your work, ultimately if they do not like it, then it was not meant for them. If your creativity speaks to you, then chances are, it can speak to someone else as well.

Give yourself permission to be an amateur.

If you are worried that your work isn’t good enough, you will never get better until you do more of it. Embrace the stage that you are at in your creativity because each stage is needed. No one starts out being a professional. It’s okay to make mistakes and have flaws. That which is done with heart, not perfection, makes the biggest impact on the world. Give yourself permission to be an amateur.

Embrace life, embrace your uniqueness.

It’s time to start embracing what makes you feel alive. You have the ability to spice up your monotonous life with something beautiful. You can do it, and it is worth it. Your uniqueness is needed. Don’t let fear of mistakes or rejection hold you back. You don’t need to be a professional to have something to bring to the world. If your creative expression feeds your soul, then why would you let arbitrary, lifeless answers and fears hold you back from it?

So, if you are asking yourself if you should start sharing your amateur creativity, the answer is emphatically: YES!


In the spirit of this, I have decided to be vulnerable with you and share some of my own work. I have mostly written songs behind closed doors and used them as musical therapy of sorts. I have shared on occasion, but recently, it has been on my heart to do more.

I fear the imperfections that I know exist within my music. I know that I am not always on-key, I hit a wrong note or two on the piano, I don’t have fancy recording equipment to make it sound good. I also don’t have a lot of spare time to make things polished and beautiful. Despite this, I am going to share with you the raw sound of my work.

You might hear sounds in the background (kids crying, husband working, or various other items that pop up out of nowhere) but is this not life? This is me working with what I’ve got, enjoying the process, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

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