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A Reading List

Hey there, Ponderbots!

Recently, I have been reading some incredible books that have been feeding my soul. I decided I would share them with you so that you can also experience their magic! Take a look below to see what I’ve been reading, the impact they’ve had on me, and where you can find them to read yourself. I will be adding to this list each month as I read, so check back every so often to see the next book!

Mia Savant

May’s Read:

Contortionist Tongue

by Dania Ayah Alkhouli

My Thoughts: This book says what I didn’t know needed to be said. Dania Ayah Alkhouli captures everything it means to be a woman with striking and powerful punches. She speaks on family, love, and loss, each poem with passion. Her words embody fierce honesty with poise and grace. It’s genuineness wearing high heels. Reading this book is time well spent!

A Quote I Loved From the Book: “R.I.P. Every dress I ever bought to wear for a man instead of myself.” (from the Poem, Soundproof Mouths)

You can get this book at:

Moontide Press

April’s Read:

Out of the Weeds

by Heather D. Pease

My Thoughts: This book felt like discovering a person, while at the same time feeling like I’ve always known her. Heather fills her pages with the full scope of life by being vulnerable with her trauma and pain, while also enjoying the love and beauty of the world. She explores her sensuality, and also shares her journey of finding her inner strength. She writes so purely from her heart that it restores my faith in humanity. From start to finish, each page is filled with greatness, and I couldn’t recommend it more!

A Quote I Loved From the Book: “Sit beside me, let’s hold hands, turn off the world around us, and yarn words into a blanket we call our favorite.” (from the Poem, Talk to Me)

You can get this book at: Amazon/Out of the Weeds

Keep Reading, Ponderbots!

Let your life be filled with art.

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